School Shoes with Plenty of Attitude

Anyone who has ever had to wear a uniform to school knows that one of the best ways to show some style is with your shoes. Fashionable mom McCall Pinnell and her daughter dreamed up the idea of having shoes and headbands that matched the school uniform. The idea was such a success, that friends starting requesting them. And soon, the online shop Maclaren's Closet was born. 

We thought this was such a stellar, stylish idea, we wanted to share it with everyone in our crafting community! Just look how cute the different designs have turned out. McCall has even started customizing American Doll shoes, too. Check out the company's Facebook page for details and updates.

"We chose the name Maclaren’s Closet because of her creative influence and the strength of her inspiration to help me reach toward my goals," McCall said on her website. "Maclaren’s Closet brand will sell a lifestyle image of sophistication, class and taste with a preppy look for children attending private schools."



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