Personalized Bird House



Project Steps:

1. Find a nice raw birdhouse. This project is great because you won't need to treat, paint or prepare anything to the raw wood to start.

2. Choose your images and patterns to size and insert them on a document.

3. Print in reverse (you will apply printed side down) in a best quality, glossy photo style. Here I'm showing you all the different patterns I used and trimmed.

4. Cut out the images with the carrier still on.

5. Apply the glue stick directly on the wood and rub around for a tacky feel. Make sure you cover the complete area so there is no lifting of the film later.

6. Peel and apply printed side down to the area and trim the edges with your cutting tool.

7. Depending on where you will be hanging or displaying your bird house, you may want to give it an extra sealing. Have fun with it! Make it unique and personalized.


Additional Products Not Listed:

Bird house
Craft Attitude film
Cutting tool
Glue stick
Color InkJet printer

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Andrea Atwater
  • Andrea Atwater
  • Andrea Atwater brings her expertise with Craft Attitude film to life with her unlimited creativity. Her portfolio is chockfull of DIY home accent projects, crafts for kids and many thoughtful gift ideas. When Andrea was first introduced to Craft Attitude film, it was all about custom shoe designs. That concept won the CHA 2012 Best Innovative Idea. Today, Andrea continues to make inspired Craft Attitude projects as well as many other fun crafts using a wide variety of materials that can be found right here on

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  • All-Purpose Scissors 8"-
  • Elmer's All-Purpose Glue Stick-.77 Ounce
  • X-Acto Craft Knife #1-
  • Craft Attitude 8.5"X11" Sheets
  • Unfinished Wood Kit-Chalet Bird House