Mixed Media - Rainy City Glow

1 - Choose or create a dark silhouette image of a couple. Or, use other silhouette if desired.

2 - Print above image two-up on 1 Sheet of Scrap Booking Attitude in reverse mode, photo quality. We will use one and save one.

3 - Remove the carrier off of a new sheet of Scrap Booking Attitude or use a reserved sheet from a previous project - Cut 11" side to yield an 8.5 " x 8.5" square.

4 - Squeeze small amounts of the red, blue and yellow acrylic paint onto the carrier sheet and lightly roll with brayer in a vertical direction, leaving some white areas showing. Add a tiny bit of white paint if need be and just blend lightly. Then, roll lightly with brayer horizontally across top 2/3 of sheet. This creates the illusion of a cityscape reflected in water.

5 - Paint circle representing moon with dazzling gold and flat brush. Repeat at bottom of sheet to represent reflection. Dry painted carrier sheet overnight.
6 - Cut one printed silhouette image leaving this carrier intact. Spray adhesive on print side and position print side down onto the other painted/prepped carrier.

7 - Gently pick up one corner of printed image and remove this carrier, pressing silhouette image onto the painted carrier firmly making sure it is adhered well. After a few hours, apply a light coat of Liquitex Gloss Acrylic Varnish with the foam applicator over the entire 8.5" x 8.5" mixed media. Apply golden bling from the moon to and around the silhouette if desired.
8 - Trim as needed to fit the 8"x8" frame. Mat if desired.

  • Inkjet Printer
Anne Grbic
  • Anne Grbic
  • Working with the Craft Attitude product awakened a dormant and groggy creative force that went into hibernation when other wonderful life events took over my time: raising a family, volunteering and working.  When I got involved with the Craft Attitude products and the wonderful artists and crafters who embraced it, like a thirsty plant,  I eagerly absorbed everything!

    This Anais Nin quote says it well: "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Trudi Sissons was my first and greatest inspiration; seeing 105 pieces she created with Craft Attitude made me want to do that! Walking through Art Expo in New York City made my heart flutter from excitement and my eyes tear. 

    I felt I needed to be a part of all this creativity. Mixed media made my heart swoon, experimenting with color, texture and different surfaces made me so focused, time stood still, and I didn't want to leave my work lab. Mine is not the usual artist's bio, but I've realized how happy I am when I can create!

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  • Scrapbooking Attitude 8.5"X11" Sheets 8/Pkg
  • Americana Acrylic Paint 2oz-Cadmium Red/Transparent
  • Americana Acrylic Paint 2oz-Primary Blue/Transparent
  • Americana Acrylic Paint 2oz-Snow White/Opaque
  • Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Paint 2oz-Splendid Gold
  • Liquitex Gloss Acrylic Varnish-4oz
  • Wooden Frame 8"X8"
  • Mod Podge Brush Applicator 4"-Gold Taklon
  • One Stroke Brush Set-#2 Flat, #6 Flat, #1 Script
  • Speedball Brayer 4"-Soft Rubber
  • Inkjet Printer