Embellished Scissors

1) Cut out 2 pieces of paper the size of the scissor blades. They don’t need to be exact, but the closer the better.

2) Use E6000 to adhere the paper to the scissor blades. Make sure to get the E6000 all the way to the edges. Let that dry.

3) Use a course nail file or some sandpaper to sand off the excess paper for a perfect edge. Be sure to sand downwards towards the metal and out.

4) Apply an even thin layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to one side of the scissor blades. Let it dry for about 3 hours and then flip it over to do the other blade.

5) Slide the scissors into the bags and tie them with some ribbon and tags (I typed up my own, but there are many free printables if you prefer online).

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Andrea Atwater
  • Andrea Atwater
  • Andrea Atwater brings her expertise with Craft Attitude film to life with her unlimited creativity. Her portfolio is chockfull of DIY home accent projects, crafts for kids and many thoughtful gift ideas. When Andrea was first introduced to Craft Attitude film, it was all about custom shoe designs. That concept won the CHA 2012 Best Innovative Idea. Today, Andrea continues to make inspired Craft Attitude projects as well as many other fun crafts using a wide variety of materials that can be found right here on

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  • Student Scissors 7" -Multi-Assorted
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic-2oz
  • Kraft In Color Paper Pad 6"X6" 24/Sheets-Kraft
  • Disposable Decorating Bags 12/Pkg-12"
  • E6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive-Black 2oz