Craft Class 101: How To Work With Burlap

Candie Cooper
  • Candie Cooper
  • Hi, I’m Candie. I design jewelry and crafts, author books, teach classes and host television programs. I thrive on simple ideas that anyone can achieve. I also love projects made from unexpected materials that stand the test of time. Join me as I lead a creative life – check out my portfolio or blog below.

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  • Mod Podge Gloss Finish-32oz
  • Folk Art Acrylic Paint 2oz-Teal
  • Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint 2oz-Vivid Orange
  • Folk Art Extreme Glitter Paint 2oz-Orange
  • Stencil Magic Decorative Stencils-Delicate Vine Border 8.25"X18"
  • Stencil Magic Decorative Stencils-2" Papyrus (uppercase) 8.25"X18"
  • Saggy Baggy "Quart"-Natural Burlap
  • Paintable Burlap Shapes-Mini Flag 3/Pkg
  • Burlap Table Runner 14"X58"-