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Kids Corner: Paper Straw Christmas Projects

Here are two projects, one for the kids and one for you, using red-and-white striped paper straws to create candy cane-inspired crafts.

Paper Straw Snowflakes

- Cut two 1 1/2" circles from white cardstock.

- Cut straws into 2 1/2" lengths (8 or 10 straws are needed for each snowflake).

- Cut a 1/4" section of straw.

- Glue the 1/4" straw in the center of the cardstock circle. 

- Glue straw pieces around small straw center as shown.

- Finish by gluing a wooden or other circle embellishment.

TIP: Use these snowflakes for present toppers.

Materials needed:

Paper Straws
White cardstock
Circle paper punch or scissors to cut circles
Wood buttons or any other round embellishment
Glue gun or white craft glue


Starburst Paper Straw Wreath

- Cut 50 of the 120 straws to 6 1/2″ and leave the rest of the straws at their full length. 

- Wrap a foam wreath form with white or grey ribbon. The form can rub off and get a bit messy, so you will want to cover it.

- Apply a dab of hot glue near the center of the wreath form. Adhere a full length straw so that the end is flush with the center edge of the wreath form, then continue gluing and affixing straws, alternating short straws with long ones until the wreath form is completely covered. 


- Once you have the first layer down, you can start with the second layer with the straws affixed in between each of the first layer.

- Tie a bow with ribbon of your choice and glue in place. 

TO HANG: Glue a small loop of matching ribbon to the back of the wreath form.

Materials needed:

- Small foam wreath form 
- Approximately 120 red stripe paper straws 
- Satin ribbon for bow (optional)
- Satin ribbon for wreath wrapping 
- Hot glue gun & glue sticks 
- Scissors 
- Ruler