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7 Days of Ornaments: Day 7

Show your Grinch some Christmas spirit with this recycled light bulb project and watch his heart grow three sizes!

Here's how to make it:

- Wash and dry the light bulbs before painting.

- Assemble the colors needed for the Grinch (I used acrylic paints of greens, red, yellow, black).

- First paint the bulb topper using red paint and apply at least two coats. Let dry completely.

- Paint the bulb the green and let dry.

- Take a paper towel and dab on some yellow and apply a fine coat of yellow and let dry (this is optional, but you get more of a dimensional look for the face).

- Then apply 50/50 water to green paint over the yellow. Let dry.

- You can either use a pencil, marker or if you are confident enough, paint the face lines directly on the face of the bulb. You can always paint back over with a thin brush for any mistakes.

- Now you can start painting the eyes with the yellow. That will take a few coats.

- After you are satisfied with your bulb, give the bulb topper a quick coat again with the red and dip it a couple of times in the snow. Leave some red showing.

Materials Needed:

Old light bulbs

Red acrylic paint

Green acrylic paint

Yellow acrylic paint


Sponge brushes