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Spring Break Fun: Day 1

Let's kick off our week of Spring Break Fun with a customizable pop art piece that anyone can do ... just download the free printable, add some glitter and a name in bright puff-paint!


Project Steps:

1) Download and print this PDF for the "ears" template. Place the transfer paper in the center of the canvas, and the template on top. Tape it down and use the pencil to draw over the black lines.

2) Peel away the template and transfer paper. Fill in the ears with the black paint. For the highlight areas, you can water down the black paint so it becomes grey or add white paint to lighten up for add the highlights at the top.

3) Work section by section. While the paint is still wet, pour on the glitter. Do this for all of the hat. Use grey or charcoal glitter for the highlight areas. I used a bit more glitter in places for more of a 3D look.

 4) Fill in the rest of the canvas with the red paint.

5) Add a glittery sheen to the red by brushing on a layer of glittered varnish.

6) Use the Puffy Paint to write the name of your choice. TIP: Practice on a piece of paper first. Sketch the name with a pencil on paper so you can know the size you need.

Materials Needed:

12x12 Canvas

Transfer paper

Black paint

Red paint

Black glitter

Grey glitter

Yellow Puffy Paint



7 Days of Ornaments: Day 5

With a little glitter and glue, you can really take your ornaments to the next level!

Tips for pinecones

- Apply Mod Podge with a sponge brush directly to the pinecone

- Srinkle with glitter or snow

Tips for glass or plain plain plastic ornaments

- Tape off the area with masking or paint tape around the area you will want glitter on

- Apply Mod Podge directly on the ornament

- Sprinkle with the glitter – wait until that dries and then repeat

Materials Needed:



Mod Podge