7 Days of Ornaments: Day 6

Upcycle toilet paper tubes to create really pretty and unusual ornaments with print-and-stick Tech Attitude!


  • Print selected pattern on Tech Attitude into two 5” x7” size images per sheet and cut each down to 5” x 6”. Tech Attitude is a fabric with repositionable adhesive on the other side. It is printable, feels like satin, is flexible, doesn’t tear and can be repositioned, making it a better choice than paper.
  • Wrap the 5” side around the toilet paper roll – it will stick and can be adjusted – no adhesive required.
  • Fold the edges into the open ends on each side and press down and seal all around with fingers.
  • Beginning with the seam, start to add Washi tape where desired.
  • Using glue gun attach lace ribbon to inside of each open end with lace showing out of edges.
  • Decorate with selected bling in complementary colors.
  • Using glue gun adhere each end of thin gold ribbon to inside of one open edge for hanging.  The ornament is very light.
  • Loosely stuff a small piece of gold tulle into the top.
  • One package of Tech Attitude will made six ornaments.

Materials Needed:

Recycled toilet paper tubes 

Tech Attitude

Gold Metallic or Glitter Washi Tape

Lace Ribbon

Self-Adhesive Rhinestones

Gold Ribbon

Gold Tulle

Glue Gun

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